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Friday, July 17, 2020

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Aside from being a fashion/lifestyle blogger, I also enjoy web development. I have been working on some projects to add onto my portfolio and thought I should share a bit about my web development setup. I think a lot of new web developers have trouble deciding which tools they need to begin coding, and that was definitely something I struggled with when I started programming. There were so many tools, I didn't know which one to start with and how to setup my work environment. So, with that in mind, I wanted to share with you all my web development setup. Not every programmer may use the same tools as me, but this was the setup I found to be most productive and efficient for me, so if any of you are developers, I hope this post will be beneficial to you. Before I get into it, I wanted to give a little background on my programming journey. My first real experience with coding was in middle school when I discovered the wonders of HTML and CSS and I was fascinated with all the different things you could manipulate and create with HTML and CSS. I never really thought about becoming a developer until I was in my second year of college and began getting into different programming languages such as C and Java. I created small projects here and there and started coding websites from scratch. I want to keep this post short and sweet, so I'm not gonna go into too much detail, but the more I was coding, the more I found myself enjoying it, so I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a front end developer, so I started studying computer science at my University, and finished with a Bachelor's. Currently, I am starting to do more freelance work and hopefully turn that into a separate business. Anyways, I hope this post is helpful if any of you that are new to programming. Please feel free to leave any questions or any tools that you use as a developer. :)

Text Editors

Atom - This was my very first text editor and I love that it their interface is easy to navigate and intuitive. They also have a bunch of plugins you can download to make your work environment better. I mainly use this text editor when I'm coding on my laptop.
VS Code - This text editor has been used by many web developers and I have recently started using it on my desktop. The interface is similar to Atom and includes a lot of add-ons to improve your work environment.

Development Tools

Windows Terminal - This is my main tool when working in the command line because it allows me to easily switch between Windows and Linux. 
Ubuntu - My main tool for working in Linux and allows me to easily install packages. Definitely recommend this tool if you are new to Linux.
Adobe XD - I use this tool to help me design web interfaces before I begin working on a project.
Git and Github - A must have tool for me because it helps manage and track my projects conveniently and easily. Every developer should use Git as it helps tremendously when multiple people are working on a single project.
Postman - My main tool for testing api's.
Filezilla - My favorite FTP manager. I have used it during my time in university and for work.
Popsql - My main tool for working with SQL databases. The interface is nice and sleek.

Productivity Tools

Notion - I use this tool to help plan my projects, organize my workflow, and make sure I'm meeting deadlines.
Clockify - I use this tool to track the amount of hours I have worked on a project and it definitely helpful for me since I work as a freelancer.

Thanks for reading! I will see you on my next post which is going to be something that I have been planning for awhile now. Hope you all have a wonderful day and stay safe!


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